July 17, 2017

I finished my night last night in the kitchen.

It was 1am and I was happily preparing a hot meal for my friend Maká. I can't imagine what the task of setting up and DISASSEMBLING our space at TattooWeek would have been without his help and company. He deserved to go home with a full belly and feeling appreciated.
I thank my commercial manager Nathaly Araújo. My infantry. My gratitude to master and friend HORIYOSHI III, from Yokohama.
It was an honor to be able to bring so far a little of what only this man and craftsman can give. Hearing praise from everyone who visited us for what we managed to do was rewarding and revitalizing.
This was, in my opinion, the result of work done with skill, energy and harmony between all those involved in the task.
Many thanks to everyone who reached out to me for a handshake, with words of support and recognition.
To those who asked about my health.
Be sure that the presence of sensitivity and respect was mutual and true. Everyone moved me.
What I do is the only thing I know how to do and I feel lucky to be appreciated and in some way useful to those who have decided to live the life of a tattoo artist with all that it gives and takes away.
I feel grateful to everyone who supports and identifies with the studio's current work, but for obvious reasons, every time I see a tattoo artist buy something produced by me, I get emotional. I know where that money came from and how it is earned. I would like to end this message by saying that in our trade, the most important thing is the human being. Offer those who seek you what you would like to have and feel from a tattoo artist. Treating your neighbor well is within reach of anyone, regardless of their technical skills or social status.
Take care of the tattoo and it will take care of you.
Without it there is no future.
Art is for the artist.

Jun Matsui

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