February 23, 2017

I explain.

But I warn you that I will need more than 1 post...
I recognize that it is not a habit of mine to protest or activism online. I prefer to do this in person and paying close attention to the reasoning of the person with whom I am talking. It is fundamental that the exchange of ideas is pleasant and enlightening even when the subject is complex and disturbing.
Time is too valuable to be wasted in ignorant, misguided, and empty debate about whatever the topic of conversation may be.
Let it be clear that I express my personal opinion here without the intention of influencing the thoughts of others or starting a debate, my objective is actually to try to explain what made me make this shirt.
The backwardness and instability of our country is, even today, an example for the world of what happens when a society is built on the foundations of social inequality and abuse of power.
We started by dividing the immense national territory into 12 hereditary captaincies and we were the last to abolish slavery. Charles Darwin, in his brief visit to Rio De Janeiro, mentioned cowardice as the most striking characteristic of Brazilian society, as he perceived it.
It's 2017 and it's been 10 years since I returned to live here.
I swear I tried to keep quiet, but as a Brazilian citizen I consider what happened in this country in the last 24 months to be, above all, an attack on the psychological integrity and emotional stability of any of us who have a reasonably functional and healthy mind. To say that we are talking about politics is an understatement, or rather, an example of laziness, fear or mental limitations of those who refuse to see what is evident.
We are actually talking about delinquency and the destructive power of what is darkest and unfathomable in the human mind.
Adult men who received it as an inheritance, which will also be passed on to their children, the worst.
Transforming entire families into human beings incapable of truly living in society and who therefore find in power the only way to sustain, materially and immaterially, their life cycle in this world.
Old thing.

Week after week we continue to receive calculated and regular doses of what can be expected from this type of man, many of whom, I suspect, carry out their functions under the effects of chemical substances, created to endure the unbearable. Absent, distant and lifeless in the eyes.
Still at the top of my list is the session of the chamber of deputies that approved the follow-up to the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.
How to forget?

Crazy men acting in the name of order and progress, creating discord and hatred among the most vulnerable Brazilians and no matter how absurd my prediction may seem, I believe that the worst is not yet over. How can you allow yourself to create expectations of any kind in relation to what you see without recognizing that this is also a form of hallucination?
And there it is, the wisdom of the man in the field.
Who doesn't expect anything from anyone and believes only in his own work and has learned for many generations to live with uncertainty, insecurity and instability.
Discarding the past and the future and living one day at a time.
Prepared to deal calmly with what is unthinkable for the new middle class that is forming and the biggest victim of what is happening.
It's always worse for those in the "middle", those who are neither one nor the other... easy targets in everything in this life.
In Brasilia, the schedule continues as planned and changes, until recently, impossible to even consider, are articulated and executed, as always, with full attention to timing.
The country is about to get drunk and dance, at the party that today no longer has a set time to start or end.
Carnival, in my opinion, seems to have become, in a manipulated way, more of a civil duty than a right.
A right originally conquered by the excluded.
And we definitively prove to the world, which is watching all of this, that nothing can spoil the atmosphere of the party.
"NÓS SUFFER MAS NÓS GOZA" is still valid since Assis Chatoubriand.
As if it were not possible to enjoy without suffering.

I would have liked to have published this earlier in the week, but as always, I respected my intuition and the t-shirt ended up being worn by Clarinha, the girl in the photo.
Just to avoid confusion, I want to make it clear that it was not my intention to hypocritically and maliciously exploit the simplicity of her world, confused by many with poverty. Clarinha is my friend and I've known the little animal since she was born, the photo was taken yesterday afternoon at her house in the most spontaneous and natural way.
Yes, her childhood is very different from the childhood of Michelzinhos across the country, but from what I've seen traveling around the world so far, it's better for the child's development to "lack" than to have too much, as long as what's missing isn't guidance, example and love.
Clarinha is wise and brave... childish of course, but not silly.
He has everything he needs and is happy.
He was here now in silence watching me write, he went out to take a bath in the river and hunt for frogs on the stones in the garden and before leaving he left on my table, without saying anything, a guava that he picked from his foot.
I was happy that she was part of this invention of mine...
I made 30 t-shirts.
If you've read this far and would like to have one, just stop by the store and pick it up, one per person, on a first-come, first-served basis between today and Saturday, February 25, 6 pm.
It's free.

Jun Matsui

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