It has always been important to me that we share with our clients the reasons behind important decisions we make at JM-LifeUnderZen Studio.
My number one priority has always been to make sure our clients are able to purchase and enjoy what they like in the most convenient and efficient way in a pleasant experience.
With that in mind I came to the conclusion that it is more important for me to focus on making that possible for those who wish to purchase something being made by the studio than to  spend my energy in looking for and dealing with the  time consuming process of selling wholesale to different cities and countries around the world.
Taking into consideration all the expenses for both parts related to such commercial transactions between companies based in different countries and how that affects the final price tag of the product it is my understanding that it does make sense to accept international orders.
When you add the shipping cost to the the fact that you’re paying the same prices we charge domestically for the products and consider the exchange rates I believe you’re making a purchase worth it’s value.
All items are shipped through EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE (EMS) and the final shipping price is calculated based on the total order’s weight.
This is a very important factor to consider when placing your order as the shipping prices changes at every 500grs.
By that logic it doesn’t make much sense not to use the full weight you’re really paying for.
Below there’s a list of all items on sale online and their respective weight and the current EMS price list for different regions of the world (prices displayed in brazilian Reais) please use this information to figure out what makes sense when making your purchase.  
Thank you
Jun Matsui

T-SHIRTS (210 g)       ZIP-UP HOODIES (780 g)       DENIM SHORTS (500 g)     PATCHES (60 g)       

COIN CASE (80 g)     ASHTRAY (380 g)