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Since the very first time I ever walked in a tattoo studio I have been fascinated and hypnotized by the designs, drawings, and sketches covering the walls and serving as the tattooist's natural background. 

You could tell so much about the studio and the tattooist by just looking at it with attention, yet there was always as much hidden behind those pieces of paper, each with it's own story to tell.

Hours and hours of hand drawing, of thought, creativity, dedication and passion.

The walls were alive,colorful and full of energy.

I just could never help visualizing those drawings decorating textiles, clothing and all kinds of objects other than human skin.

In 2017 I invited Horiyoshi III from Yokohama for a collaboration with my studio to produce a Hoodie.

I told him what I saw in my head and he came up with the graphics,  all by hand and drawn directly on the hoodie's paper patterns I sent him.

I took care of everything else on the process until the finished piece.

I guess my first contact with Chris Garver was back in 1995 in NYC when tattooing was still illegal in the city, he was to me someone I already looked up to as I was taking my first steps towards the life I now live. 

Since then my admiration for the artist and the man has only grown.

2020 was a chaotic and uncertain year, so much happening internally and externally but all along I knew I couldn't let it pass without making something to honor the Rat, the reigning animal of that year and I knew Chris was the guy to do it with.

I have been hooked to his hand painted ceramic vases since the very first time I saw one.

There's something about it , just like with his tattoos that feels different. 

It trancends technique and can't be captured with words, it's a mystical language only understood by the eyes.

The JMxCG RAT HOODIE is inspired in his ceramics painting, a natural way to literally wear his touch.

Tattooing is about beauty.