My interest and passion for clothing comes from my days as a street skater in São Paulo in the mid 80's.

Back then the only way I could make my clothes reflect the way I felt about life or how I was feeling on a certain day was through customizing and giving my personal touch to any piece of clothing I could get my hands on.

Nothing escaped this feeling of mine.

I remember using scissors to cut some of my father's old pairs of pants to the exact length I thought was cool , or turning my japanese grandfather's old military jacket into a vest by cutting off the sleeves...this happened all the time , it was instinctive, spontaneus and of course personal.

That was my way to look for style...and with style came confidence and strength. To me that was STREET WEAR.

Many years later when I already lived and worked as a tattooist in Tokyo I had the first chance in my life to work with this passion of mine and the LIFEUNDERZEN STUDIO STORE was opened in the fashion district of Omote Sando in 1997.

For 8 years my time was spent between tattoo sessions and the creation of collections for the brand.

The use of tattoo inspired graphics on clothing was new and the first big hit of the brand was a hoodie with the image of three dragons covering the whole area of the hood...from then on it was a matter of following the signs.

That cycle of my life ended in 2006 when I closed the store and made the journey back to Brazil.

It was time for a long retreat.

From 2007 to 2013  I spent my time locked up in my private home studio in São Paulo tattooing full time in what was the most intense and prolific period of my career as a tattooist.

During those years whatever free time I had was dedicated to a wish of mine that was kept secret for a long design jewelry.

My main interest is for the modeling process and I found pleasure and peace of mind while carving blocks of wax.

In fact I rather use the words Talisman and Sculpture instead of Jewelry and  Design.

This period was of complete devotion to the improvement and development of my craftsmanship working alone using my hands and clearing my mind.

Preparing myself for the start of a new cycle.

I am now the father of a girl named Hari and a boy named NUI and married to Julia.

Our paths have crossed not only on a personal level for Julia’s knowledge of textiles and pattern making made us into partners on a professional level also , allowing the start of a new cycle of work and lifestyle and on November 24th of 2014 after a positive and decisive sequence of events we opened our first store together.

What you see here is the result of the combination of our passions and beliefs.

Using only 100% cotton we aim for comfort and style always inspired to look for and find harmony and balance between graphics,form and materials resulting in pleasure for all senses.

Every Day is a Good Day.


Jun Matsui

São Paulo 08/10/2015